March 9 Humor

* My husband was in college and we already had a family of seven and money was very tight. I went to a friend’s wedding with my four year old daughter. She was sitting next to me when the minister said,  “Do you take this man for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health?”  My daughter turned to me and said loud enough for others to hear, “You picked poorer, didn’t you Mom?”

* The city editor yelled at his cub reporter asking about the biggest society wedding of the Summer. “I sent you to there to get story and held half a page for your words and pictures and you come back with nothing?” The young man responded, “There was no story there, the groom never showed up.”

# I have a large collection of globes. My oldest one is flat, my favorite was from the ice age, but it melted it last summer.