May 12 Humor

* A man called 911 reporting he had been robbed of more than $2000 in cash. Police were dispatched and they found the man beaten, bruised, and very angry. It took the police only a few minutes to get there because they head been summoned just a few minutes before to respond to a bank robbery in the same area. The attacked man turned out to be the bank robber, who was mugged shortly after the heist.

* A man convicted of kidnapping and robbery tried to get his sentence overturned, claiming witnesses identification of him should not have been entered at the trial. When New Haven Connecticut officers, arrested him he declared himself innocent of all charges and resisted going back to the scene of the crime for identification purposes. The man claimed it was a waste of time taking him back not only because he was innocent, but he also stated, “How can they identify me? I had a mask on”.

* A man entered a Baltimore, Maryland, branch of Signet bank, walked straight to the teller, and handed her a note. The note demanded money and the teller as trained, gave the robber the cash without any static. She then set off the silent alarm that rings the local police station. The robber took the money and wanting to see how much he had snagged, walked over to a nearby counter and began counting his haul. He was still in the process of tallying his take when police took him away.