May 19 Humor

* A Man in a San Diego convenience store took out his wallet and set it on the counter to pay for the cup of coffee. Then surprisingly he pulled a gun and demanded everything in the cash register. The clerk explained they had just changed shifts and there was no money in the till. So the robber took the clerk’s watch and left the store. Police arrived and discovered that in his haste, the thief had left his wallet on the counter. The criminal didn’t have time to enjoy the watch.

# The man was studying the menu when she came over to take his order. “Do have frog legs?” he asked. “No” she replied, “It’s my arthritis that makes me walk this way”.

% A tramp knocked the farmer’s door and asked for some food. “Are you a Christian?” asked the farmer “Of course” said the tramp “can’t you tell”? “Just look at the knees of my pants don’t they prove it”? The farmer’s wife noticed the holes in his knees and promptly gave the man some food. As the tramp turned to go, the farmer asked, “By the way, what made the holes in the seat of your pants?” “Back sliding”, said the tramp.