May 26 Humor

 * In Las Vegas, a visiting businessman was approached by a shady looking character who asked, “Can you lend me 25 bucks? I haven’t eaten in two days?”    “How do I know you won’t use it to gamble?” The man replied, “No way, gambling money I’ve already got.”

 # ” You think so much of your old golf game that you don’t even remember our wedding day” she complained. He rebutted, “Of course I do, my dear, it was the morning I sank that 30 foot putt on #17 at Grey Hawk.”

 # An adult piano student of mine asked me teach her Pachabel’s Canon, so she could play at a friends wedding. After a month of practice however, she had made very little progress and I warned her that she might not be ready to play the piece at the wedding very soon. “Oh that’s okay,” she replied, “Her boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet.”