May 27 Humor

* A friend of mine took a cruise just a few days after completing a first aid and CPR course. One night he was getting ready for dinner when he heard the woman in the next cabin yell, “Oh No, don’t die on me now”. That was followed by slapping sounds. Since he was now a skilled life saver he immediately went to her cabin door to save her struggling roommate. Just as he was about to pound on the door and burst in as the hero, he heard the distinctive sound of hair dryer starting up and the sigh of the lady in distress. He just went back to his cabin.

* On a cruise, the hubby got seasick and was stuck in the cabin. His wife asked if she should ask for the kitchen to send up a dinner with room service? He replied, “No, why not have them take it on deck and have them throw it over the rail for me”.

% The banking crisis has gotten so bad that three different banks are holding sub prime mortgages with the Golden Gate bridge as collateral.