May 30 Humor

* We subscribe to two daily papers. Once we went away for two weeks vacation and forgot to stop delivery. On our return, a neighbor told me he had taken care of the problem. “Thanks Paul” I said “did you cancel them?” “No, I’m no fool”, he replied. “I canceled mine”.

* Our neighbors came back from vacation to find three weeks of newspapers scattered around their yard, even though they had called and cancelled the paper before they left.

The customer service clerk explained, “It appears you have not paid your bill since June. The computer cut you off the first of July. Since you are not listed as a subscriber, there is no way I could stop delivery of the paper”.

* While on trip we stopped at the diner in a little town named Searchlight Nevada. It was way off the beaten path and away from the bright lights of Reno and Las Vegas. When the waitress came over for our order, I asked her where I could find a newspaper. She replied, “Honey, just sit over there at the counter and you will hear everything you need to know.”