May 31 Humor

# Without realizing it, I walked right into a police stake out at my local Blockbuster store. When a young man walked out the door, a group of officers pounced on him and hustled him into a squad car. Seeing my astonished expression when policeman said. “When they say the movie is due back by noon on Tuesday they mean it.”.

# John Smith had the misfortune to be a witness to an armed robbery. The police came and began to take statements. The investigating officer approached him and asked his name. He answered “John Smith”. The cop replied, “Cut the comedy and give me your name.” “All right,” John replied put me down as Winston Churchill.” The cop said, “That’s more like it, you cannot pull that John Smith crap on me.”

* The main reason we had admitted and Alaska to the United States was that it would make Texas the second biggest state.