May 7 Humor

* To study the impressionistic painters our class visited the Art Institute of Chicago. As we followed the guide toward the Vincent van Gogh’s famous self-portrait, two women cut in front of us for a closer view of the masterpiece. “Oh look, Madge,” one exclaimed, “Kirk Douglas.”

* Artist: “This is my latest painting. It’s called builders at work.” It is a piece of realism.” Customer: “But, I don’t see any of the men at work.” Artist: “Of course not, that’s the realism part of it.”

# At a Washington cocktail party two strangers strike up a conversation. After a few minutes of small talk, one asked, “Have you heard the latest White House joke?” The second fellow held up his hand. “Wait, before you begin, I should tell you that I work in the White House.” “Oh don’t worry,” the first man replied, “I’ll tell it very slowly.”