Mermaids Save Scuba Diver

A sailor falls overboard and at the last moment, a beautiful mermaid pulls him to the surface, saving his life. That’s stuff that only happens in fairy tales, right? That’s what happened at Catalina Island, California. Javier, Josh Claramunt and Pablo Avila were visiting Catalina Island. They decided to go scuba diving, but toward the end of their dive, Avila suddenly lost consciousness and began to quickly sink underwater. “Honestly, I thought I was looking at a dead man,” Claramunt told Inside Edition. Unable to pull him to the surface, Claramunt and his father did the only thing they could. They started yelling for help in case anyone happened to be within earshot. Avila was foaming at the mouth, leading them to suspect that he’d suffered an air embolism. This condition can happen to divers as air bubbles form in their blood vessels. It’s life-threatening and requires immediate attention. A trio of mermaids heard their cries for help and swam to their rescue.

Luckily, Elle Jimenez — a 33-year-old former dancer and professional diver and mermaid performer — was holding an open-water advanced Mermaiding course in the vicinity of the men. Attending the course were four students, Jimenez’ boyfriend and professional underwater photographer Darren Leonardi. She couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for her course. Around midday, Jimenez suddenly heard cries: “Help, help! He’s blacked out!” Without a second thought, Jimenez, Garcia, and Burger sprang to action. Still donning their mermaid tails they began swimming toward the three men. Each of the women holds a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification in best diving practices.

The man could barely believe her eyes when the fairy tale creatures emerged from the waves. “I get three ‘helps’ out and then honestly, just a troop of mermaids pop up out of the water. It’s just like a Disney movie,” he recalled. “I started removing his weights and equipment because it was making it difficult to keep him above the surface,” Elle said. Garcia gave Avila rescue breaths in the water.  The three mermaids helped him and together they pulled the three men to the shore. At the beach, one of the mermaid students who works as a paramedic started giving Avila CPR. The resuscitation was a slow process, but eventually, it worked. “It felt like forever before he started breathing again. It was a few hours before he woke up and finding out that he was OK was such a relief,” said Jimenez. Shortly paramedics arrived and took Avila to a decompression chamber. Each of the three men has since fully recovered.

Mermaid Mirth

Q: Why do mermaids always know how much they weigh?
A: They have their own scales!

So my brother is dating a mermaid.
Yeah, apparently their relationship is on the rocks.

One time, I was out scuba diving when I suddenly heard beautiful voices singing in unison. I was very surprised until I looked beneath me and realized it was coming from a choral reef.

Why do drones get so many pictures of mermaids?
They’re Ariel photographers.

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