My cat is so smart…

Many people are amazed that their cat can learn by watching them, but it happens almost universally. If the cat is interested in something it can and will mimic human actions to get to the object of its attention. Doorknobs were thought to be a barrier in days of old, but we have lots of video evidence of cats opening lever handle locks as well as round doorknobs even without thumbs. One day I was watching TV in the living room and I hear a door creaking open. I thought it was a burglar until I saw a silhouette of a cat running to the kitchen cupboard (where the food is stored), I did not believe it was possible. Well, today I was in the room and saw him do it. He stands as tall as possible and pulls down on the lever and slightly pulls back to get the door ajar (the doors open by pulling back not pushing) then when the door is ajar, he sticks his paw underneath the door and pulls it open! But wait! there is more in the videos below:


Locked doors

My granddad always used to say, “As one door closes another one opens.”
Lovely man.
Terrible cabinet maker.

I went to see a psychic. I knocked on her door and she said, “Who is it?” so I left.

Yesterday as I walked into a store, a clown held the door open for me…
I thought it was a nice jester.

Hooters is trying to stay afloat during this pandemic, so they are starting door to door service thus a name change is in order.
They will now be known as Knockers.


March 18th Birthdays

1963 – Vanessa Williams, 1990 – Lily Collins, 1971 – Queen Latifah, 1997 – Ciara Bravo

1977 – Zdena Chara, 1938 – Charley Pride, 1964 – Connor Byrne, 1951 – Brad Dourif


Morning Motivator

“If you limit your desires to what seems reasonable or possible, there is left nothing but a compromise.”


Kitty video clips that open doors:

See the easy stuff:

Here is a real pro: