I bet you can’t see me

Marilyn Hartman has a talent that has garnered international fame. It seems she has learned to make herself invisible. She still takes up space though, at least on airplanes. Marilyn has been able to get herself on at least 30 airplane flights without a ticket. Hartman has been arrested for breaching security multiple times at O’Hare, Midway and other airports across the country. She has even foiled customs officials and hopped on planes to London, Copenhagen and Paris, according to an interview on Chicago TV, which aired just Sunday. Hartman told the station she is no criminal mastermind. “The thing I’ve got to tell you. I have never forced my way aboard a plane. I was always let through,” Hartman said. “I mean I was able to go through the security line without a boarding pass. I got by them by following someone that would be carrying like a blue bag. And the next thing I know, I get into the TSA line and TSA lets me through, and they think I’m with the guy with the blue bag.” While Marilyn was arrested again at O’Hare, it was only because she had escaped at mental facility and was wearing a criminal ankle bracelet. So next time you fly don’t worry about your shampoo.


Boarding pass and Driver’s license, please.

Airport security asked me if I’ve seen anything unusual
…I just paid $18 for a coke & a ham sandwich…Let’s start with that.

“At the airport if you refuse to be patted down, they arrest you.
And what’s the first thing they do when they arrest you? They pat you down.”

“The TSA says they will allow pilots to pass through security more easily than before.
I’d be happy if the pilots just went through the breathalyzer.”

“In San Diego, a man refused to be patted down by airport security and some people are calling him a hero. I don’t mind being patted down by airport security, but I don’t like it when the guy says, ‘Now you do me.'”

“Now, to make it worse, the airlines are charging a $15 molestation fee.”


March 19th Birthdays

1964 – Mary Scheer, 1991 – Maddy Hill, 1996 – Julia Montes, 1988 – Josie Loren
1955 – Bruce Willis, 1988 – Clayton Kershaw, 1991 – Garrett Clayton


Morning Motivator

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.


World class Stowaway