November 23 Humor

* Teaching the music of Grofe, Bernstein, Copland and Gershwin, I found it gratifying when students began to recognize a few of the works. After one listening exam, however, I realized I had to devote more time to spelling. Three students had identified Gershwin’s celebrated opus as “Rap City in Blue.”

@ During a family dinner my brother the dentist was giving all of us a pep talk about the importance of flossing. My other brother commented, “flossing is really a pain in the rear.” The dentist came back with, “then you are definitely not doing it right.”

@ A friend of mine had not been to the dentist in many years and was understandably anxious about his upcoming dental appointment. His worst fears were confirmed when the dentist looked Into his mouth and exclaimed, “I will be going to the Bahamas this year after all.”