November 5 Humor

* A tourist was driving through Jackson Hole, Wyoming and saw some ranch hands driving cows along the highway. One of cowboys wore a baseball cap. The curious greenhorn woman pulled up alongside the cowboy and asked, “Why aren’t you wearing a cowboy hat?” “Well ma’am,” said the cowboy, tugging on the hat’s brim, “I didn’t want to look like a truck driver”.

* “Why do cowboys wear thier Stetson hats pushed up on the sides?”  “I don’t know Jake, why?”   “So that three people can fit in the pickup truck.”

# Flying home from a visit to my daughter in Albany, New York we encountered a lot of turbulence. The pilot, reassuring us that we would shortly fly above the rough weather, reminded us to keep our seatbelts fastened and remain in our seats. Soon after, he got back on the intercom, lifted the restrictions and said, “If you wish, you may now unfasten your seatbelts and walk around a bit, but stay inside”.