November 6 Humor

* Paying his bill at a store, Dave Williams saw a young clerk look at the name of his charge card and smile. “That is a nice name”, she said, “the same as my boyfriends”. “Thanks” Williams replied. “I was named for St. David, the patron saint of Wales”. The clerk’s growl furrowed. “Gee, she sad earnestly, “I knew they were intelligent but I didn’t think they had their own religion.”

@ A man walked into the barber shop and asked for a shave. At that the apprentice jumped up and asked, “May I shave him, it will be good practice?” This master thought for a minute and said, “OK, but be careful, don’t cut yourself.”

# A college football coach had recruited top talent the player couldn’t pass the school’s entrance exam. Needing the recruit badly, the coach went to the dean asked if the recruit could take the test orally. The Dean agreed and the following day the recruit and the coach were seated in the Dean’s office. “Okay”,  the Dean asked, “What is 7×7?” The Recruit mulls it over for a moment, and then said, “I think it is  49”. Suddenly the coach broke in, “Please Dean”,  begged the coach, “give him another chance”.