November 7 Humor

* Reluctantly I was a volunteer home plate umpire for my daughter’s Little League baseball game. After the high-scoring contest was over, I asked my son if he thought I was fair to both teams. “Sure, dad”, he thoughtfully replied. “Both teams hated you about the same.”

* I was never good at sports. When I was a kid, I tried to play little league, my father was the coach and he traded me for $10 and a child to be born later.

@ They had arrested a man for gambling and he came to the mayor’s court. The mayor asked him what he had to say for himself and the man explained, “We were not playing for money. We were only playing for chips.”  The judge sternly told the man that gambling for chips was the same as gambling for money.” He fined the man $50. The gambler reached into his pocket and handed over 5 blue chips.