November 9 Humor

* You know technology has passed you by when you have a power outage and nothing you own is blinking.

* A customer called our service line demanding help with her TV set, it would not come on. “I’m sorry, we can’t send a technician out today due to the blizzard”, I told her. Unsatisfied, she barked, “I need my TV fixed today, what else am I supposed to do while the power is out?”

@ The guide on our tour bus at Gettysburg drove around the battlefield and pointed out the sites. Curiously, every one of them celebrated the bravery and creativity of the Rebels in the battle. For example he pointed out  “That at this creek two brave boys from Georgia captured an entire Union regiment…”   One of the lady tourists spoke up and asked, “Didn’t the North win the battle of Gettysburg?” The guide snapped back, “Nope, and they aint gonna as long as I am driving this bus.”