October 13 Humor

 * Grandpa still had some habits from the old days. He kept large amounts of money safe in his underwear drawer so that burglars would never find it. One day, I found a secret safe product that looked like a can of spray paint with a screw off false bottom. I gave the can to him so he could keep the money secretly in his workshop. Later, I asked my mother if he had used my gift. She replied, “Oh yes, he put the money in the same day.” :”I said no burglar would think to look on the shelf in the basement.” Mom came back with: “They won’t have to, he keeps the spray can in his underwear drawer”.

* A young couple after only a few weeks of marriage received an exciting gift. They were given tickets to a popular show at a downtown theater, with the notation “Guess who gave these to you.’
They searched their brains and queried their friends, but could not figure out who bought the tickets. They made a night of it thought with dinner and the show, but coming home they found their home ransacked and many of the wedding gifts stolen. On the table was a note, “Now you know who gave you the tickets.”

@ When I was a boy, I was told anybody could become president now I believe it.