October 20 Humor

*A hard working candy store operator was bemoaning his life to the reverend. “I was a hard working clerk barely making a living when like so many young men I fell in with evil companions and felt compelled to gamble”. “Ah my son, and then you lost all your hard earned savings, eh?”  “No”, said the shop owner. “I won big and like a damned fool, I bought this candy store”.

@My daughter works for a commercial lawyer named Gene  who is  short,  One day he arrived  in court with a bulging briefcase to face the opposing lawyer who was a Goliath of a man.  When the big guy caught sight of slight Gene lugging the heavy satchel,  he cried out across the courtroom, “Well, little man, what have you got in that briefcase”? Without looking up, Gene replied, “Five smooth stones”.

@ A doctor was vacationing at the seashore with his family. Suddenly, he spotted a fin sticking out of the water and fainted.  “Darling it was just a shark,” said his wife when he came to. “You’ve got a stop imagining that their lawyers everywhere.”