Rescue “par excellance”

Zoey is a very popular dog in Arlington, Texas. While a bunch of the neighbors liked Zoey before, nobody will ignore her now. Zoey is a 15 year old mutt and deaf, she went missing on Thursday. It took a little over two days to find the senior canine. Unfortunately, Zoey was found in a tight spot. During her time away from home, the pet managed to get stuck deep inside a storm drain. Unsure how the dog got into the tight spot, Zoey’s owners were also unsure how to get her out, so they called for help. Police officer Kristi Weil told WFAA that Arlington police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and city rescue crews all responded to the call to save Zoey. You will see in the video below it was an all-out community effort. The neighborhood could hear Zoey …through their drains. Somehow, Zoey had gotten not only into the catch basin in front of the house, but crawled well into the main storm sewer line.

The response of the city workers was monumental and made for a TV program. Fire and the sewer department arrived and dropped a camera into the line to find where down the street Zoey was crouched, stuck. She was over 400′ from the nearest entrance into the storm drain. Then starting before noon on Saturday, all the rescuers who arrived at the storm drain pipeline containing Zoey worked together. The amount of equipment and personnel was epic. They started by cutting the concrete street into slices then breaking the slices up and brought an earth mover to dig a 20 foot hole so that the underground sewer pipe could be cut open the long way. Eventually, one of the fire fighters was pushed and crawled down the sewer pipe to grab the dog and carry her out. The whole neighborhood was reportedly eager to help, including Hunter, a kindergartner who offered his own skateboard after a firefighter suggested it could be useful in pulling the dog out — which it was. Community members not directly involved in Zoey’s 11 hour rescue effort pitched in by delivering pizza and water to those working to save the dog. “Everyone has been so helpful,” officer Weil added. There have been cheers of joy, and tears, when Zoey was rescued.” “And I love seeing the community turn out and cheer a successful end to this. And for a family to have their beloved pet returned to them at the end of the day.”

Underground Humor

Life is like a sewer…
What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Everyone clapped when the boy was rescued from the well.
But I’m waiting to see if he found my phone.

I was clinging for dear life on the edge of the cliff…
As the rescue team approached, one of the guys shouted, “Whatever you do, don’t look down!” So I started smiling…

How do you tell the difference between a seamstress and a plumber?
Ask them to pronounce the word “sewer.”

A guy was working in a sewer.
When he stuck his head out to steal looks at all the women walking above him.
His coworker saw him, got upset and yelled to him, “get your head back in the gutter!”

March 16th Birthdays

1994 – Sierra McClain, 1973 – Inger Stojberg, 1986 – Alexandra Daddario, 1978 – Brooke Burns

1949 – Eric Estrada,  1941 – Chuck Woolery,   1967 – Lauren Graham, 1928 – Daniel Moynihan/spa

Morning Motivator:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it;
if you can dream it, you can become it.

This is community service