September 13 Humor

@ I went to a department store to buy my wife’s requested birthday present a jogging suit and sneakers. I selected the footwear easily, but I couldn’t find a jogging suit I liked. So I picked out a nice silk nighty instead. When I handed the two purchases to the sales clerk, she studied both gifts and asked, “is it the thrill of the chase”?

* My father, an occasional golfer, one day a straight drive quite a way down the fairway.When We got to the ball, he found that a woman was about to hit it. “Pardon me”, he said. “You’re addressing my ball”. “This is my ball”, she replied. “ma’am”, dad said, “if you pick up’, you’ll find my name on it”. The Woman scooped the ball up and examined it. “What is your name doing on my ball”? She asked.

*You think so much of your old golf game that you don’t even remember our wedding day” she complained. He rebutted, “Of course I do, my dear, it was the morning I sank that 30 foot putt on #17 at Grey Hawk.”