September 29 Humor

* Did you notice last summer that Cuba did not have an Olympic rowing team? That’s because every Cuban who knows how to Row already lives in Florida.

@ When the San Francisco police hauled a man into court for driving in a two person minimum carpool lane, the man claimed his dog, riding shotgun, as a passenger. The motorist added that he was partially blind and the dogs barking warned him of approaching cars.

@ On a fishing trip in Maine, my companions and I parked in front of the small general store in the town. After having some lunch, we came out to find a policeman placing a parking ticket on our windshield.  “You parked are in a No Parking zone”, the policeman said.    “We didn’t see the sign”, someone protested. “No you didn’t” replied the officer. “It is out being repainted, but everyone knows this is a No parking Zone”.