Super Guard Dog

Anatolina Shepherd dog on groundIn November last year the deadliest fire in California history took down the town of Paradise and with it the home of Andrea Gaylord and her husband. Because of the speed and strength with which the Camp Fire ravaged they weren’t able to return home to grab anything before evacuating. The couple was forced to abandon their dogs, Madison and Miquel. Four weeks after the fire they were allowed to return home—and found Madison patiently waiting for them in the charred site where their house once stood. They earlier had been reunited with Miguel, who had fled almost 100 miles to escape the flames, thanks to an animal rescue volunteer named Shayla Sullivan who the Gaylord’s down by the dog’s tags. Andrea said, “Imagine the loyalty of hanging in through the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. It was so emotional.”


Watching over you

Once the night watchman received a $100 too much in his paycheck. He didn’t mention it to his boss. But his boss found out and deducted it the following payday. ‘Hey, ‘ said the watchman, ‘I am a $100 short this week.’ ‘You didn’t say anything last week when you were paid a $100 too much, I noticed.’ ‘NO’, replied the watchman. ‘I can overlook one mistake, but when it happens twice, it’s time to speak up!’

A Wife buys 12 sets of colored undershorts for her hubby:
Hubby- Why same color, sweetheart. People will think I never change my underwear.
Wife- Which people?
…Total silence…

A man went to buy a dog and asked the shopkeeper how loyal it was
He said, “I sold him 6 times and every time he came back to me”

What do you call a night watchman with deep-set self-esteem issues?
An insecurity guard.


October 8th Birthdays

1969 – Anna Marie Duff, 1988 – Bella Thome, 1994 – Molly Quinn
1944 – Chevy Chase, 1970 – Matt Damon, 1981 – Nick Cannon, 1939 – Harvey Pekar


Morning Motivator

Work on your business and create a living – work on yourself and create a life.


Good Boy, Stay

Dog guards burned down house