The Unhuman nurse

The unhuman nurse

Rademenes was a very, very sick cat when his owners brought him to the veterinary clinic in Bydgoszcz, Poland. With an inflamed respiratory tract, the staff feared he was too sick to make a recovery. Veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich took a liking to the cat and managed to nurse him back to health before taking him in as her own. Now Rademenes is considered an important asset to office staff, comforting patients after surgery and sometimes cleaning their ears. This adorable feline comforts other animals when they’re sick, and has been given the title of “nurse cat.” He offers warm cuddles and massages after surgeries.


Slightly Catty Remarks

If cats could text you back, they wouldn’t.

I dressed my dog as cat, now he won’t come when I call him.

Two blondes talking: – My new boyfriend is a veterinarian.
– Oh, did he fight in a war?
– No, dumby, he doesn’t eat meat.

If sleeping was an Olympic sport, my cat would win the gold.