Truck stop for a snack

It was possibly the cheesiest highway shut down in history. A truck carrying cans of nacho cheese in Arkansas left a cheesy mess across the highway. The bizarre incident happened on  “Taco Tuesday” on Interstate 30 near Prescott in Southwest Arkansas. Reportedly the Nacho truck merged into the same lane as a wrecker truck hauling an 18-wheeler. And the can got peeled open. Photos of the saucy spill show part of the highway backed up with semi-trucks and cars as officials attempt to clear up the bright-orange mess. A separate, closer image shows the cans popped open and more goopy nacho cheese melted and sprawled across the pavement. Social media quippers had plenty of thoughts on the mix of cheese and summer heat. “I wonder how many people told him, “it’s not-cho day buddy!” Another, “Nacho ordinary highway spill. Certainly not the best queso scenario,” another commented. No injuries were reported.  “Thankfully, it’s all clear and it’s nacho problem anymore. 

Want a drink with that?

A tractor-trailer loaded with Keystone Light beer overturned near Denver, spilling cases of beer on I-70 and closing the ramp for several hours. The truck was transporting 12-pack cases of Keystone Light in cans lost control on the wet highway. The truck hit a curve too fast and tipped over, tearing the side and top of the trailer and spewing beer cans down the embankment. The driver was not seriously injured. Some of the beer survived, too. The “uninjured” beer, as Stigall called it, was being transferred by hand to another truck. Keystone Light’s slogan is “Always smooth, even when you’re not.” In several scenes, young men can be seen “salvaging” cans of beer. I couldn’t determine if they were with the crew that was transferring the beer to another truck, or local guys transferring the beer to their fridge.

Something smelly has come this way

It was not a truckload of food, Pomfret, Connecticut got the other end of the load.  A truck driver lost control of a tanker truck carrying liquid manure on Tuesday, pouring his load across a car two houses and two yards. The truck driver lost control while turning at the corner and hit a parked car, coming to a rest in a yard along the road, according to Sheldon. The driver was responsive and taken for a medical evaluation with injuries. As a result of the crash, the car is a “total loss” and that an “extensive cleanup” along the front yard of the residence where it happened, as well the side yard of the neighbor’s residence, will be needed. While the cause of the crash is unknown, Sheldon said that speed “may have been a factor” but that state police will make the final determination. The scene was later turned over to the Environmental department to separate the leaking vehicle fluids and the manure. 

Hauling Humor

What do you call a trucker that doesn’t drive anymore?

A truckload of Claritin got spilled on the highway.
Strangely enough, there was no congestion!

The drill sergeant making his morning announcements to a group of newcomers into training camp, stated: “Today, gentlemen, I have some good news and some bad news. First, the good news Pvt. Peters will be setting the pace for our morning run.” With this the platoon was overjoyed, as Pvt. Peters was overweight and terribly slow. But then the drill sergeant finished his statement: “Now for the bad news. Pvt. Peters will be driving the truck.” 

A truck crashed in Manchester today carrying 500 boxes of the game Scrabble.
Police are not saying anything about it, they are waiting hear what the word is on the street. 

June 28th Birthdays

1972 – Aileen Quinn, 1948 – Kath Bates, 1980 – Felicia Day, 1970 – Tachina Arnold

1926 – Mel Brooks,  1972 – Elon Musk, 1981 – Steve Burton,  1960 – John Elway/spa

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