Undersea Narcotics

Spanish police discovered drug smugglers building a narco-submersible in Malaga on the southern coast. It’s massive, over 30-feet long and 10-feet wide, and capable of moving 2.2 tons of cargo at a time. If that cargo is cocaine, they’d be looking at a street value of $500 million. This story casts drug-running activities in a zany what-will-they-do-next light. A back yard giant submarine attracts a fair amount of attention. The submersible is plywood, coated with fiberglass, attached to a structural frame. They equipped it with two 200-horsepower engines that a “crew” would operate from inside the vessel. It has an “iceberg construction” where the bulk of the cargo room is beneath the surface of the water, with just enough of the vessel visible for only the mother-ship to see its approach. Narco-submersibles are a popular solution for drug smugglers to move cargo to and from land to a large ship anchored out at sea. This vessel never achieved its maiden voyage.


Jokes Underwater

Working on the computer is like driving a submarine.
Once you open windows, the problems begin.

Interesting fact:
There are more planes in the sea than submarines in the sky.

When you think about it, technically all Australian submarines are down under.
…….I’ll let that sink in.

I never knew how hard it was to captain a submarine…
Must be the pressure.


March 16th Birthdays

1994 – Sierra McClain, 1967 – Lauren Graham, 1986 – Alexandra Daddario, 1978 – Brooke Burns

1928 – Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1971 – Alan Tyduk, 1997 – Tyrell Jackson Williams, 1956 – Ozzie Newsome


Morning Motivator

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.


Damn the torpedoes, No speed ahead