Up, up and away

Brian Spies of Lotus, CA had a nice big dog. Luna is a nine-month-old German Shepherd and weighs about 70 pounds. Luna often ran around the rural community, but last Saturday night she did not come back home. Fearing Luna may have been injured, the distraught dog dad and a friends searched tirelessly to locate the precious pet, but to no avail. “We basically looked for her all day, driving around the mountain and calling for her,” Spies recalled. “She would be out all night in the cold so that’s why we searched until dark.”  The owner’s friend Luka Bogdanovich said “I’m just driving down the road and look left. I’ll be darned. I see something in the tree, and I went, ‘Holy cow, that’s the dog.’”  Brian was especially worried given the mountain community’s plethora of predators, including bears, coyotes and mountain lions.

The picture above shows the bewildered-looking German Shepherd perched impossibly in the branches of a treacherously steep evergreen. “It was an impressive climb and how high she made it up,” recalled owner Brian Spies. It’s yet unclear why Luna decided to attempt such a dangerous ascension. However, Spies suspects that she was probably chasing a squirrel up the pine, which was angled in such a way that a dog could clamber up with relative ease, before realizing she’d made a “ginormous mistake.” Spies, who works in construction, brought in a 25-foot ladder and retrieved his pooch.  The rescue required Spies to “bear hug” Luna and walk backward down the ladder with no hands. All the while, his friends held a sleeping bag underneath to catch them if they fell — akin to a makeshift fireman’s trampoline.

But wait there is more!

Alice Reid said her cat, Coco, was likely chased up the pole by a neighborhood dog and he spent two hours crying for help from atop the pole before a rescue effort was launched by utility workers. Alice’s video of the attempted rescue is below. While Coco sat atop the 30 foot power pole crying he was not that interested in being rescued. When the utility lineman got up the pole close enough to reach for the cat Coco evaded the grasp of workers by taking a flying leap from the top of the pole. “I never, in a million years, thought that he was going to jump on his own,” said Reid. Coco took off running after landing on the ground and later showed up at home, miraculously uninjured. “He came up the step and went on in,” she said. “Then he lay down on the floor and started washing himself like, you know, nothing ever happened.” The daredevil cat is on house arrest for the time being. “He’s crying to get outdoors and I’m trying to keep him in,” she said. “He’s going to have to get used to being in the house more.”

Climbing jokes

I don’t understand why cats climb Christmas trees…
they should be afraid of the BARK.

The kids were climbing a tree today, and I told them that if they fell…
they’d be grounded.

I tried climbing that tower in Paris..
but Eiffel.

Why did King Kong climb the Empire State Building?
He had a plane to catch.

December 14th Birthdays

1992  – Tori Kelly, 1988 – Vanessa Hudgens, 1972 – Miranda Hart, 1946 – Patty Duke

1984 – Jackson Rathbone,  1982 – Josh Fields, 1979 – Kyle Shanahan, 1972 – Marcus Jensen

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