Wanna buy a jewel?

Saniniu Laizer, a subsistence miner, got $3.4 million from the Tanzania’s mining ministry for the gemstones he discovered which had a combined weight of 33 pounds. “There will be a big party tomorrow,” said Mr. Laizer. Tanzanite is only found in northern Tanzania and is one of the rarest gemstones. One local geologist estimates its supply may be entirely depleted within the next 20 years. The precious stone’s appeal lies in its variety of hues, including green, red, purple and blue. Its value is determined by rarity – the finer the color or clarity. Saniniu has promised to use some of the money to build housing and a school for the village children.

Diamonds Forever humor

A Chinese woman almost foiled her boyfriend’s plan to propose by accidentally eating the ring.  According to “The China Daily” the man had hidden the  engagement ring inside a cake and presented it to his girlfriend.  Completely oblivious, she swallowed the rock, fainted and was rushed to hospital where doctors extracted the ring.  The proposal has since been accepted.

Man at a jewelry counter: Whoa, really you offer a full refund on any engagement ring for two full years!

Flowers say, I’m Sorry!
Jewels say: I learned my lesson

Fact, when you find diamonds, old coins or anything of value on your property, it belongs to the government. But, if the police find drugs, they belong to you.


July 1st Birthdays

1867 – Canada, 1961 – Princess Diana,  1978 – Liv Tylor, 1983 – Hilary Burton

1952 – Dan Akroyd, 1985 – Michael Phelps, 1872 – Louis Bleriot, 1961 – Carl Lewis


Morning Motivator

You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own ‘acres of diamonds.’


See really big Jewels

Prospector hits the mother stones