We are being invaded!

You knew it would happen, but no one thought it would be in the heartland of America. A man traveling along an Oklahoma highway the morning of Wednesday, March 13, fatally hit an animal he believed was a deer, according to news reports. The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office said the driver was shocked when he realized he’d actually hit a kangaroo. Deputy Jeff Neighbors was on patrol in the area near Roland and witnessed the kangaroo “jump out of the woods and onto the highway,” and get struck by a passing vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office is searching for the owners of the kangaroo. Over the last several years, there have been numerous sightings involving kangaroos that escaped zoos and private properties.

Drivers did a double take when they spotted what they thought looked like a small kangaroo  hopping down the side of a road in rural New York. It turned out to be a runaway wallaby. “Does anyone know of anyone on 430 that owns a small kangaroo — or something that resembles it?” one driver took to social media to warn others after she spotted the critter. “I just saw it hopping down the side of the road and I’m so confused….” A local animal shelter posted about the runaway wallaby. that night and again on Tuesday. Professional trappers and people with horses and ATVs have offered to help find the critter, officials said. Officials predicted the most likely sighting would be around dusk since the marsupial is nocturnal. They recommended trying to trap the wallaby in a barn, garage, or otherwise fenced in or enclosed area — for both the animal’s and human’s safety. “Time is of the essence! This wallaby is not native to our area, and it is not safe,” shelter officials said. “We do not suggest trying to grab the wallaby unless you know what you are doing. They can cause serious damage with those back legs.”

A runaway Idaho emu almost got away with its escape — until someone recognized it in Colorado. A driver spotted an oversized bird in the road and called authorities to report the “ostrich” sighting, Colorado officials said. But when animal control deputies arrived, they realized it wasn’t an ostrich at all.  “We learned we were not dealing with one of the largest birds in the world, but maybe the second or third largest bird in the world (depending on your source) an emu!” officials said in a post. Body camera shows the deputy reaching out the window and holding the emu by his neck so he doesn’t escape. “Uh uh,” the deputy says as the bird struggles against him and tries to break away as he opens the car door. “Nope.” The emu hisses as the deputy climbs out and secures a rope around his neck. “Relax buddy,” the deputy said, unknowingly calling the bird by his name. “Come on.” The deputy explains into his radio that he has the emu by the neck when the bird struggles to break away as they walk through the field away from the road. Then the unthinkable happened — a passerby recognized the bird as “Buddy” the emu and called up the jailer.  Officials said. “We got lucky.”

Saucy Aussies

Now I know why Australians call each other “Mate”…
Australia started as a prison colony, so it is a short form of  “INMATE.”

What do you call a prison full of kangaroos?

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?
A pouch potato!

What happens if you commit a crime in Australia?
Oh please, they’re a modern country. You go to jail unless you are a politician.

March 15th Birthdays

1970 – Kim Raver, 1993 – Sosie Bacon, 1975 – Eva Longoria, 1989 – Caitlin Wachs

1986 – Kellen Lutz, 1972 – Mike Tomlin, 1956 – Clay Matthews, 1941 – Mike Love

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