You smell sick, woof!

Some dogs are trying to become dog-tors. A 2019 study found that pooches can be trained to accurately sniff out the presence of cancer cells in blood. In Finland, sharp-nosed dogs have been brought in to sniff out potential coronavirus infections at the country’s largest airport. Research carried out before the start of Finavia’s airport security project showed that the dogs are more efficient than machinery. The tests – carried out at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Helsinki – found that dogs can sniff out COVID-19 with pretty much 100% accuracy. They can even smell the presence of the virus days before symptoms. A medical machine test requires 18 million molecules to be present in a sample before it notices the virus. A dog only needs 100, or even as little as 10 molecules. So which one would you rather trust?

Does this smell Right?

My mouth waters when I smell steak on a grill.
I wonder if the same happens to vegans when they mow the lawn.

What do you call a dog that can smell everything?

Tesla’s don’t have that new car smell.
They come with that Elon Musk.

My dentist told me I had bad breath and gave me some extra strong toothpaste.
Now all I need is a toothbrush.


September 24th Birthdays

1992 – Colene Garcia, 1962 – Nia Valdaros, 1941 – Linda McCartney
1982 – Erik Stocklin, 1995 – Ross Matthews, 1976 – Ian Bohen


Morning Motivator

If you can’t calm the waters learn to ride the waves.


A sniff to remember you by

Finland smells canine success