No Bark, Real Bite

Christie Barr is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida. On the weekend of March 23-24, she was sleeping peacefully in her home, with no idea what was happening outside. Christie was shocked when she woke up Sunday morning and saw her car torn up with extensive damage. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Someone had wrecked her car overnight. Pictures Barr has shared with the media show her Honda’s bumper partially torn off, with small holes along its loose edge. The fender and mudflap had also been ripped out from around the tire. Shocked, Barr’s first thought was that some roaming vandals had gone to town on her car. “I thought somebody had maybe taken a gun and shot my car,” Barr told WSVN. That’s kind of a strange assumption, considering the bumper was hanging off. But hey, it would’ve maybe explained the small holes. Barr was prepared, however, and she had set up security cameras to monitor her driveway. She got on her computer, presumable ready to share the hooligans’ faces with the police.

We can only imagine Barr’s jaw dropped for a second time that morning when she checked the surveillance footage. The recorded video didn’t show human delinquents destroying her car. Instead, it was a pair of dogs. The video showed a cat (reportedly belonging to Barr’s neighbor) sitting by her car at night. Suddenly, two dogs come charging out of the night. Scared, the cat slithered its way under Barr’s vehicle and climbed behind the engine. Yet, the dogs were out for blood and they weren’t about to give up easily. The video then shows the dog tearing into Barr’s Honda, chewing through body panels and tearing off parts as they try to get to the cat.

If there’s a silver lining, it is that the dogs eventually gave up and left before reaching the kitty. “There’s no doubt in my mind had they gotten that cat, she wouldn’t be here today. They Could Tear a Human Being Up,” Barr said. Christie is facing a couple of problems. The first is the damage to her car. According to Christie accounts to media outlets, her insurance company towed her wrecked car. It’s not totaled but the repairs will cost an estimated $3,000 — and Barr has to cover the repairs herself. Then there’s the second problem, which may be more pressing. As far as Barr and everyone else in her neighborhood know, the dogs are still out there. Understandably, the entire neighborhood is now concerned about being attacked by these vicious beasts.

Chew on this for a while

Two goats chew on a VHS tape.
The first goat says, “This film is pretty good.” and the other one replies:
 “Yeah, it’s OK but the book was better.”

I caught my dog chewing on electrical cords.
So I had to ground him.
He’s doing better currently.
And conducting himself properly …

I own a pencil that used to be owned by William Shakespeare, but he chewed it a lot.
Now I can’t tell if it’s 2B or not 2B.

I have a great dog. She’s half Labrador, half Pitbull. It’s a good combination.
Sure, she might bite my leg off, but she will bring it back to me. 

April 9th Birthdays

1986 – Brittany Snow,  1987 – Leighton Meester, 1998 – Elle Fanning, 1990 – Kristin Stewart

1983 – Jay Barucel, 1898 – Paul Robeson, 1955 – Dennis Quaid,  1987 – Jesse McCartney

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