Burglars that went to school

Used to was that a burglar was a low life thief, but everything is more complicated today. Since you can buy an alarm system for a couple hundred dollars and for not much more you can have the alarm talk to you 24/7, life has gotten harder for the high school dropouts. But if you are a smart burglar you use the alarm system to help you. This is especially true for people who have doorbell cameras. Most often they will send pictures in real time or to be recorded by Wi-Fi to your phone or even to an alarm company. It looks great, makes wonderful commercials, but also talks to smart burglars. The “wise” guys tap into your Wi-Fi system and look at the output of your camera and sensors. So they know when you are home and when you are out. If you have cameras running inside the house the burglars can case the place before they ever try to break in. Not only to see if you are worth robbing, but who is home when.

The video below describes gangs of illegal alien thieves that are using these home cameras not only to check before they knock, but to build the schedule for the best time to rob your house. Most burglars are not looking for a fight and usually are not armed because that only adds to the jail time if you live in an area that is attractive to burglars. Inner city burglaries may not even be reported as the prosecutors don’t enforce the law. Some of the more sophisticated burglary rings even bring their own wi-fi jammers. These small radio devices send out a radio signal at the frequency that your household devices talk to each other and while the jammer is on, nothing talks to anything.

There is even a search engine called “Shodan” that is used by both hackers and cybersecurity experts to find vulnerable devices such as cameras and doorbells. The search engine enables users to see inside people’s homes around the world, and some have even used it to hack into baby monitors to spy on children. Once hackers guess those usernames and passwords, they can either take over the device, stop it from working completely, or they can use it to steal or go as far as torture the device owners. There are several ways you can protect your smart home devices to ensure that this never happens to you. You cannot stop a determined thief from robbing you, but you can make it so much work they got somewhere else first. Make sure your device is always up-to-date: always check that your smart home device has the latest software update. When you fail to update, you are inviting a hacker to enter through an unpatched vulnerability. Choose a strong username and password:  make sure you never share them with anyone. Enable two-factor authentication: if there is an option for two-factor authentication for your smart home device.


I saw a Burglar breaking his own house the other day.
Turns out he was Working from Home.

Grandpa still had some habits from the old days. He kept large amounts of money safe in his underwear drawer so that burglars would never find it. One day, I found a secret safe product that looked like a can of spray paint with a screw off false bottom. I gave the can to him so he could keep the money secret in his workshop. Later, I asked my mother if he had used my gift. She replied, “Oh yes, he put the money in the same day.” “I said no burglar would think to look on the shelf in the basement.” Mom came back with: “They won’t have to, he keeps the spray can in his underwear drawer.”  

I work at a store that was burglarized.
An investigating officer asked me where I was between 5 and 6.
He didn’t seem pleased when I answered:

A coworker of mine had his car stolen from the company’s parking lot. The police finally located the vehicle, they found that the thief had installed a burglar alarm system in it. 

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