August 25 Humor

* Did you hear that they’re starting to make James Bond movies again but now they’ll probably have to use politically correct names for women like, “Brains of plenty”.

When we moved to El Paso from the Jersey shore we got used to and even liked to change of scenery. We liked the wide vistas all around and the beautiful sunsets. A native Texan asked us what we thought of the country. We told him we liked the climate but we missed the beach. With a broad sweep of his hand he said, “We have lots of beach around here, we just need an ocean”.

While talking on the phone to my son, JJ, who was in his dorm room, I could hear classical music in the background. JJ has eclectic musical taste, which ranges from swing to heavy metal. Still I commented, “I’m happy that you and your roommates are listening to such good music”. “Don’t get too excited, mom”, he replied. “It’s only a Bugs Bunny cartoon”.