Falling for a cat

A British man miraculously survived cat-astrophic injuries including a broken neck, fractured spine, smashed ribs, blood in his lungs and other “car crash” like injuries from — wait for it — tripping over his cat. “I can’t remember much, just falling fast — it was quick and it was over within seconds, then I was at the bottom,” victim Chris Rowley, 59 said. The freak “Apocatalypse Meow” accident reportedly occurred in the evening while Chris was home alone with his hairless Egyptian sphinx kitten: “Eric Morecambe.” Disaster struck after the wrinkly kitty, apparently feeling playful, dove out and latched onto one of its owner’s legs while he was coming down the stairs. “It took a bit of a chunk out my leg then I lost my footing,” described Rowley, who reportedly tumbled down 14 steps before arriving at the bottom, where he lay unable to move when his feline put the “hell” in Hello Kitty. Rowley’s injuries included a fractured skull, a broken bone in the neck, nine broken ribs and blood in the lungs. “They say it will be six to 12 months until I’m back on my feet,” lamented Rowley.

Eric Morecambe, the cat, meanwhile, was completely unharmed. Unfortunately, Rowley’s wife Jackie, a children’s care worker, was working nights and was therefore unable to come to his aid, the Mirror reported. As a result, the Brit had to lie unattended for a whopping 14 hours in a pool of his own blood. “My phone was dead — I couldn’t get up, I physically couldn’t get up,” Rowley described. “It’s the hardest sensation — it’s almost like claustrophobia, you can’t get out, you can’t physically get anywhere or do anything.” It wasn’t until the next morning that his wife arrived and discovered her husband spreadeagled at the bottom of the stairs. “We didn’t know how bad his injuries were at this time. They had to really drug him up to move him.” “They say it will be six to 12 months until I’m back on my feet. I won’t be great for another 12 months, I’d have thought,” lamented the music man, who currently can’t breathe without oxygen. “We have to go back to the hospital next week to see if they need to put a drain in, to get rid of the blood that’s left over. Then it’s just a matter of a long recovery.” Despite his debilitating condition, Rowley doesn’t harbor any ill will towards his kitty. “The cat’s adorable, and he’s only young,” he said. “I don’t take any umbrage to that, it’s just one of them things — it could have happened anyway.”

Cats are safer riding in our cars in carriers or other restraining devices. A woman in California did not know this until last week. She was driving around with her cat on her lap when her cat scratched her, she jumped and drove her car off the road into a pole. (The cat and driver are okay.) This caused, among other things, legislators to introduce a bill that it would be illegal to drive with animals in the driver’s arms or on the driver’s lap.  I love my cats but when I travel with them, I want them to make it to our destination (even if it is the dreaded veterinary) safe and sound. Of course we put our cats in carriers and even go so far as to seat belt the carrier into the back seat.

Distracted injury

Distracted driving can be very dangerous
It can hit you when you least exp….

My father was hit by a car while he distracted by cleaning lint out of his pocket.

My mother always said it would be his nit-picking that would be the end of him.

As a policeman, I had seen many accidents caused by drivers distracted by cell phones. I was pleased to see a car ahead of me with a bumper sticker that said, “Hang up and drive.”  I pulled along side to give the guy a thumbs up and I saw him peering into the rear-view mirror shaving. 

If I had a dollar for every time I got distracted,
Man would like to have some ice cream.

January 19th Birthdays

1991 – Erin Sanders, 1946 – Dolly Parton,  1982 – Jodie Sweetin, 1948 – Paula Deen

1994 – Josh Dylan, 1809 – Edgar Allen Poe,  1971 – Shawn Wayans, 1992 – Logan Lerman

Morning Motivator:

You are not your circumstance.

Don’t try this at home