February 19 Humor

* Our daughter was at an Army retreat in the back woods of Georgia for a leadership training exercise. She had to spend 6 weeks living in the woods in primitive conditions. She called home one weekend and explained she had met one of the men and she was interested in him. She explained, “But because we are not allowed to wear makeup,  he really has no idea what I look like.”

* My daughter was having a dinner party and I volunteered to help her. My job was to clean out the freezer and make room for the food. I restacked and shuffled and somewhere in the bottom I found a plastic container that looked like it had a hotdog, sauerkraut, noodle casserole in cream sauce. It looked pretty bad and set aside to throw out. When my daughter came into the kitchen she asked why the casserole was out thawing. I told her it looked pretty old and grungy and I was going to toss it. She stopped me saying, “You can’t throw that away. Every time John comes home and sees that thing defrosting he thinks of a restaurant we have to go to.”

@ As a freelance photographer I was given the assignment to get a picture of a run down churchyard full of weeds. I looked around the city, but could not find a yard in bad enough shape. Finally I asked a local vicar if he knew of any places that were overgrown. He referred to a little church off the beaten path. As I drove up though I saw the local pastor out with the mower cleaning up the yard. He smiled and said, “If your taking pictures of our churchyard, I thought I should tidy it up a bit.”