Happy Manatee day

Nov. 15th is the official start to Manatee Season in South Florida and November is also Manatee Awareness Month. Whenever temperatures begin to drop, manatees will start their annual migration to warmer waters like natural springs -rivers- and power plants. In order to survive, manatees need water above 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why you’ll see hundreds of them huddling up at places like the Manatee Lagoon during big cold snaps. Manatee season runs all the way through the end of March, when we can experience multiple cold fronts as well as overall cooler temperatures. Manatees are a protected species so that’s why it’s so important that seasoned and new boaters know the basics.  “If you’re a boater in South Florida, especially during manatee season, it is important to follow all speed limits and no wake zones and its also important to wear polarized sunglasses. They can really help you cut through the glare and allow you to see manatees or other marine life you’re sharing the waters with.

Eight manatees are flying back to Florida after doing rehab in the Cincinnati and Columbus zoo’s. They have been re-por-poised to be released back into the waters of Florida where they were rescued years ago. The graceful sea cows, weighing as much as two Honda civics, were driven to the airport in specialized crates that monitored their conditions. The crates were then loaded into a cargo plane at the Cincinnati airport, and a pair of marine veterinarians accompanied them to ZooTampa and SeaWorld in Orlando. Once there, they will complete the final stages of their rehabilitation before a release into the wild. “Moving manatees is an extremely complex process that involves significant planning and logistics to ensure that each specific need is met throughout the journey,” said  DHL Express Americas. “Manatees are a critical part of our aquatic ecosystems, and we’ve been honored to be involved in their rescue, rehabilitation, and return for 47 years, working alongside our partners… to help preserve these beloved Florida icons,” said Dr. Joseph Gaspard. Five young manatees started their own rehabilitation journey by catching the return flight back to Ohio, where they will hopefully attract plenty of visitors who will be able to see these gorgeous creatures, and learn what they can do to protect them. To date, SeaWorld Orlando and ZooTampa have rehabilitated more than 1,400 manatees for release back into the wild.

 In 1959, the Florida panhandle was hit with a devastating hurricane. Many of the buildings and homes in Destin were damaged. The “Gulfarium”, which had opened a few years earlier, was largely undamaged. Their diesel generators were meant for the numerous fish and marine mammals, but could easily handle a larger load. So a tent city was set up in their parking lot for displaced families. A fish supplier in Pensacola was asked to increase shipments to feed not only the marine life in the building, but the hundreds of people in the parking lot. For all in tents and porpoises, it worked pretty well.

Florida Funnies

I went to this restaurant on the beach in Florida and ordered something called the Pelican Burger.
It was good, but the bill was enormous.

The pink, plastic birds that are popular lawn ornaments in Florida…
They are called, “Placebo Flamingos.”

Two old ladies sitting in a doctor’s office in Florida…
The one says to the other, “I can’t see, I can’t hear anything and I can barely walk.
Thank God I can still drive.”

A Florida man arrested for speeding and DUI admitted to police that prior to getting in his car he’d been drinking beer and watching “The Fast & the Furious.” Although, he admitted his favorite movie is “Dumb and Dumber.”

November 16th Birthdays

1977 – Oksana Baiul, 1964 – Diana Krall,  1968 – Lisa Bonet, 1972 – Missy Pyle

1907 – Burgess Meredith, 1964 – Dwight Gooden, 1993 – Pete Davidson,  1992 – Jacob and Adam Worton

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