He Really, Really wanted wine

He Really, Really wanted wine

Gabriel Moreno really wanted some wine. So he decided to act creatively. Gabe passed a wine company tanker and then pulled over to the shoulder of the highway, put on his flashers and waved the truck to the side of the highway. The driver saw Moreno running up and down the side of the road in only his underwear. Seeing no mechanical problem, only a drunk, the trucker got going again… with Moreno hanging on the bottom of the trailer. While they went down the highway, Moreno opened the drain plug on the bottom of the tanker and drank as much as he could at highway speed. When the trucker saw the wine on the road in his mirror he pulled over, found Gabe and called police. About 5000 bottles worth of wine spilled on the road.


Hanger on humor

I enjoy a glass of wine each night for its health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and my flawless dance moves.

I’ve been told that red wine compliments a steak.
But so far my glass hasn’t said anything nice at all.

You cannot live by wine alone. Add some chocolate.

A man enters a store and says: “I would like to buy 15 liters of wine.” “Did you bring a container for this? ” “You’re speaking to it.”