I said “Crispy” chicken

It appears that a number of people get very emotional about Popeye’s chicken. Four women ordered up a lot more than fried chicken from a Popeye’s restaurant in Florida. One of the drive thru window customers started arguing with the cashier, prompting the visitor to spit at and assault the worker. In the video clip below, she is then seen furiously attacking an employee while standing outside the drive thru window. Three other women outside join the fray and one of them reached inside to steal cash from the drawer, deputies said. One of the suspects sprayed an “unknown aerosol” through the window. The four unidentified bandits then got back into the car and drove off. Three of the four have been arrested and charged with robbery with a weapon and burglary with assault and battery. Lest you think it is the Florida water that causes these things, there is also below a video of a melee at a Popeye’s in Milwaukee… There could be something in the chicken.


Finger lickin’ humor

A chicken and an egg walk into a bar. The barman says, “Who’s first?”

Why is Chick-fil-a so successful?
They figured out how to sell fried chicken to white people.

Watched a chicken cross the road. It was poultry in motion.

In an annual list that ranks states based on how healthy they are, the healthiest U.S. state is Hawaii. Mississippi finished 50th out of the 50 states, which isn’t surprising. Healthy eating is not big in Mississippi. Their state bird is the fried chicken.


March 22nd Birthdays

1976 – Reese Witherspoon, 1999 – Paola Andino, 1983 – Constance Wu

1930 – Steven Sondheim, 1948 – Andrew Lloyd Weber 1947 – James Patterson, 1931 – William Shatner


Morning Motivator:

The content of your character is your choice. What you think and what you do is who you become.


It’s more than the just the chicken

But wait! There is more at Popeye’s