January 23 Humor

* A man was visiting the northern peninsula of Michigan talked with one of the farmers of the region. He said, “It must get really, really cold up here in the winter, I don’t see how you can stand to be in the cold and dark for so many months.” The farmer answered, “We don’t even try anymore, We go South for the winter.”  “Oh, you go to Florida?” “No, said the Farmer,  “to Cleveland.”

* In Alaska there came a question from a young Polar bear to his dad, “I am 100% Polar Bear?”   “Of course son you are all Polar bear. I am 100% Polar bear and my parents were 100% and you mother is pure bred and her parents were purebred Polar Bear as well. Why do you ask?” The baby bear said, “Because I am cold.”

@ Our yard was a gathering spot for our five children’s friends. One summer night we all played hide-and-seek and had so much fun we lost track of time. Unknown to me, a police officer had cruised by and noticed my 16-year-old daughter running, then ducking into the shadows. The officer stopped her and asked if she knew how late it was. He demanded to know where her parents were.

Well, she replied, “Mom is up in that tree, and I haven’t found dad yet.”