June 28 Humor

 * On a long Sunday of football my wife commented that the TV networks must think the average fan is pretty stupid because they have to show the whole game over again with replays. I told her it was not the IQ of the average fan, but at any time during any game somewhere there was a wife walking in front of the TV set during a crucial play.

 * An avid Browns fan went to the corner pub with his dog. He had to do a lot of talking to convince the owner to allow the pup to stay in the bar while the game was on. The dog was well behaved during the game and mostly watched the TV and the bar patrons. In the fourth quarter the Browns kicked a field goal and the dog went nuts. He barked and jumped and wagged his tail and licked everyone. The bar tender was impressed. He asked the owner, “What does that dog do when the Browns score a touchdown?” The owner explained, “I don’t know. I have only had him two years.”

 @ The hostess was trying to cajole her guests into providing some entertainment for their next party and asked, “Is there any instrument you can play John?”  John answered, “Not away from home.”  “Oh,” she impetuously asked, “What instrument do you play at home?” John muttered, “Second fiddle”.