K-9 Forgiveness

Police officers, whether human or K-9, are supposedly there to protect and serve the public. As such, it’s always tragic to see law enforcement officials engage in illegal behavior. Now, many if not most K-9 officers perform their duties admirably, but there are always a few bad apples that can spoil the whole bunch. The Wyandotte Police Department recently launched an investigation into the behavior of one of their K-9 officers. Officer Ice was accused of committing heinous crimes while on duty. According to witnesses, a fellow officer’s lunch vanished when duty called him out of a break room. Accounts state that Office Ice was spotted in the vicinity of the lunch shortly before its disappearance. “Stealing is not only morally wrong, but it is a crime too. … It saddens me to report that a current officer of the Wyandotte Police Department is under investigation for stealing!” WPD made the case public and released a mugshot of Officer Ice. However, the public reacted unexpectedly to the news — they through their full support behind the offending officer.

The alleged theft happened on January 10 within the facilities of the WPD in Wyandotte, Michigan. At the time, Officer Barwig was having his lunch in the facility’s break room. However, a call for assistance from the WPD jail interrupted his meal. According to the police, Officer Barwig left his half-eaten lunch on the break room table as he headed to assist with a person in the jail. “A short while later Barwig and another officer returned to the break room … Barwig’s entire lunch was gone. However, at the same time, the two cops spotted Officer Ice. He was allegedly leaving the break room while “licking his chops.” This wasn’t the first time Officer Ice had been linked to criminal behavior. The WPD said he had on several occasions taken food “right from a coworker’s hands as they walk by.” In the past, he has also been accused of “rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach.” Upon interrogation, Officer Ice remained silent. They snapped Officer Ice’s mugshot and — in order to have him tried by his peers — asked the public’s opinion on his guilt. Several people whose legal credentials that could not be verified offered to represent Officer Ice pro bono if his case went to trial. Faced with the outpouring of support for Officer ice, on January 18, the department announced that it has officially called off the investigation. It appears Ice has been allowed to return to his regular duties. Lunch Wyandotte, a local restaurant, delivered a congratulatory custom sandwich to Officer Ice as they felt he wasn’t being fed enough. The human officers received a complimentary tray of sandwiches. Maybe they’ll keep them out of Officer Ice’s reach this time.

Good Puppy

John is trying to convince Fred how smart his dog is. “Pretend to shoot it,” he says.
Fred points his fingers at the dog and says “Bang!” The dog does nothing.
“See,” says John, “He knew you were only pretending.”

The lady said to the kennel owner, “I want a dog I can be proud of. Does that dog have a good pedigree?” “Lady” the breeder said, “if that dog could talk it would not speak to either one of us.”

If dogs could talk, it would take a lot out of the fun of having one. 

I spotted an albino Dalmatian the other day. It was the least I could do.

January 26th Birthdays

1953 – Lucinda Williams, 1958 – Anita Baker, 1905 – Maria VanTrapp, 2009  – Suleman octuplets born

1967 – Vince Carter, 1961 – Wayne Gretzky, 1981 – Colin O’Donoghugh, 1925  – Paul Newman

Morning Motivator:

Success is how much you bounce back once you hit bottom.

The doggone truth