LEGO’s in the wilderness

A woman who has loved buildable Legos ever since she was a little girl is taking her obsession to the next level by making dog houses. Lauretta Quincey received her first box of Legos when she was just seven years old, which sparked her passion for collecting stackable toys. Lauretta is a mother of three grown daughters and is on her second dog. She has collected “several hundred thousand” pieces over the years and now stores in various cabinets in her home in Saskatchewan, Canada. The mom said that after her three children — now ages 22, 19, and 15 — stopped playing with their Legos over time, she would store them and add the toy pieces to her own collection. The mom of three took her love for Legos up a notch recently when she decided to make a life-sized doghouse for each of her dogs, Ozzy and Bailey. “I always wanted to build things my kids could go into, but then I started making them for my first dog, Ozzy, and he loved it,” she said. It takes her about three weeks of working three to four hours a day to build a large doghouse — something she’s now done at least 10 times over the years, she said.  “I don’t use my dining room, so I took out the table and that has now become my Lego room,” she said. When asked how many Legos she has, she estimated several hundred thousand — but joked that she would love for someone to volunteer to count them all. 

The biggest doghouse she has ever built stood just over six feet tall and was over five-and-a-half feet wide — big enough for her to stand in and lie down, according to SWNS. “I always wanted to build things my kids could go into, but then I started making them for my first dog, Ozzy, and he loved it.” Lauretta said she finds it relaxing to build the structures — much more than simply completing a board puzzle. It seems life gets pretty boring in Saskatchewan as Lauretta has made at least 10 doghouses over the years – each one an upgrade of the next – and dedicates up to four hours a day on a project. And once she has finished one, she only keeps it up a couple of weeks before she’s itching to break it down again. Lauretta said: “I get antsy – it’s actually hard to even finish one. “Because I start planning the next one and I’m excited to start again.”

Here are some other Lego creationists work:

Constructed Plastic Humor

“What did the Lego alien say?”
“I come in pieces.”

What’s the most common operation in a LEGO hospital?
Plastic surgery.

What do landmines and Legos have in common?
Nobody picks them up when they’re done.

A police officer pulled over a Lego man today…
when the officer asked the man if he knew why he was being stopped, the Lego man responded, “I bet it’s because I’m block.”

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