November 2 Humor

* A typo in the Sacramento Bee said “In some editions of today’s food section the incorrect number of jalapeno peppers was given for Elaine Corn’s Southwestern Chicken Salad recipe recipe. The recipe should call for 2 not 21 jalapeno peppers”.

* My neighborhood was so tough: The school newspaper had an obituary column.

@ My National Guard unit in Virginia Beach had a change of command ceremony and a high ranking General came in to be the guest speaker. He was given the VIP treatment and even had an article in the paper. The next day the general took his wife to the local show. They entered the theater to a standing ovation. Flattered by the response he acknowledged the applause with a wave of his hand and a big grin. Later after the movie, one of the patrons approached him. “Gee, we are so lucky you came.”

“Oh, really?” The general replied obviously pleased with himself.

“Yes, there were only 13 people here before you came. They would not run the movie unless they had 15 paying customers, so when you to came in it made the movie possible for all of us.”