Making an intelligent drink

All around the country people are concerned about how schools, police departments and even celebrities are being impacted by Artificial Intelligence.  A company called has found a new way to integrate this innovative technology somewhere else – a bar. “Sara,” billed as the world’s first working AI bartender, made her debut a month ago at Wyndham Orlando Resort & Conference Center near Celebration, FL.  “We believe that this technology will bring a new dimension of enjoyment to the guests’ stay, blending the art of mixology with the marvels of AI robotics,” Nir Cohen, co-founder of, said. says Sara can make hundreds of different drinks, up to 120 beverages per hour. The Sara computer system can also verify ages and make conversation, according to the designer’s website. “Well, we’re actually looking for the best experience always for our guests,” Sosa said. “With that, our guests, they want to want to relax and our bar is pretty busy.” Sara can check IDs, as well as take payments and even tips. “Any tips that she makes are shared with our team, so that’s phenomenal,” Gura said. “We love to have her.”  “It’s been a cooperation between our bartenders giving the recipes to Sara and teaching those to her,” Sosa said, “At the same time, at the end of every interaction, Sara asks if you would like to give a tip to our fellow bartenders and those tips go directly to the team.”

This technology is a way for machines to mimic human behavior, like the character “Data” from Star Trek. “The purpose of AI especially in workflow is not to replace the human, we still want to have that human element (…) We are finding that sometimes AI is still a little fuzzy or incorrect in certain instances. So, we want to have someone there to essentially supervise it,” Leis said. Thus, a glimpse into the future of AI in bartending can be seen with Nino, a robotic bartender developed by Makr Shakr. Nino doesn’t just mix drinks; it personalizes them based on customer preferences. The robotic arms, with their precision and efficiency, create cocktails that are both consistent and customized, offering a futuristic twist to the bar experience.

In the cruise industry, robotic bartenders like those on Royal Caribbean’s ships using Bionic Bar are showcasing the potential of AI in bartending. These robots mix drinks ordered through tablets, providing an entertaining and efficient service that adds a unique element to the cruise experience. In clubs and nightlife hotspots, they’re already turning to tools like “iPourIt” to streamline the drink distribution process. Thus, the future of AI in bartending is not just mixing precision cocktails but also expediting the speed of service. Bars like the Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas are an attraction, where customers enjoy the spectacle of their drinks being prepared by robotic arms. This integration of technology adds a novel and engaging element to the bar experience.

Bartender Banter

I ordered Jack and Coke.
The blond bartender asked if Pepsi was ok. I said, “Sure.”
So she made me a Pepsi and Coke.

A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.

A termite walks into the bar and asks, “Is the bartender here?”

I asked the bartender for a double and he called in this guy that looked just like me.

July 23rd Birthdays

1968 – Stephanie Seymour, 1997 – Danielle Bradbury, 1971 – Alison Krauss, 1971 – Charisma Carpenter

1972 – Marlan Wayans,  1990 – Daniel Radcliffe, 1983 – Paul Wesley,  1961 – Woody Harrelson

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