Swiss ice wedding

An unidentified couple, with an obvious substantial budget, had their wedding on a Swiss mountain top looking up at the Matterhorn. The guests flowed up the snow covered slope on foot for the last few hundred feet and were surrounded by a number of fantastic enchanting entertainments. They were treated to frozen drinks served encased in ice cubes with every detail frozen to perfection and serenaded by musicians who rose on platforms to be giants from the snow in brilliant colors. The aisle, a pristine snow pathway adorned with delicate white flowers sculpted from ice, added a touch of whimsy and magic to the ceremony. At the venue, the couple strikes a pose within an intricately crafted ice sculpture, elevating the fairytale ambiance. The highlight of the event was the appearance of the bride encased in a large ice cube. To be rescued from the massive ice prison by her Scotch suitor.

They exited the cube and walked hand in hand to the altar. At the conclusion of their actual ceremony a flying angel popped up from the ground with white wings spread over them. Many people dream about a perfect wedding. It’s not often that one witnesses a wedding surrounded by snowy alpine peaks and dramatic white landscapes. Pictures and videos from a wedding in Switzerland, surrounded by snowy mountains, have gone viral on social media. A post by Lebanese Weddings on Instagram shows the bride’s dramatic entrance from an ice cube, musical set and entertainment performances set against the backdrop of snowy mountains and the lavish ski chalet in Zermatt, Switzerland, right next to the majestic Matterhorn peak. Further, violinists wearing costumes like snow angels can be seen performing at the wedding amidst the heavy snow. The venue is located at an altitude of about 7300 feet and the event saw the family cheering happily for the couple.

“That’s a fantasy would have never thought I would see in real life, love it” “Weren’t they freezing?” added a user. A user said, “So unique, congratulations to couple and to the designer with such amazing creativity!” “No words to say how beautiful this wedding very nice and different style!! Congratulations to the bride and groom many years together to celebrate.” An Instagram carousel showcases violinists dressed as snow angels, playing wedding music amid the white snow.

Spectacular weddings

I received a wedding invitation.
It read, “Your presence itself is a present. We don’t want any presents at the wedding.”
After re-reading it repeatedly, I concluded that I was not invited. So I decided not to attend.

The photographer was positioning my new husband and me for our wedding photos when he asked, “Have you ever modelled?”
My cheeks instantly turned red. “No, I haven’t,” I said. “But I always thought …”
The photographer interrupted me: “I meant him.”

The wedding was so beautiful,
even the cake was in tiers.

My friend hired a hot air balloon for his wedding.
They quoted him $200 and on the day charged $400. They said it was due to inflation.

May 22nd Birthdays

1978 – Ginnnifer Goodwin, 1970 – Naomi Campbell, 1979 – Maggie Quigley, 1961 – Ann Cusak

1987 – Novak Djokovik, 1907 – Laurence Olivier, 1987 – Julian Edelman, 1966 José Mesa

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