Wooden money stays local

Laurie Mahlenbrei handed the cashier a slice of wood marked $25 and walked out with her food. The wooden currency is good only in the small city of Tenino, Washington. The city is dipping into its emergency accounts to give people up to $300 per month in wooden money to spend. Just about every business in town is accepting the wooden script. The currency, made of maple veneer, is printed on the same press that once printed the depression currency and the local newspaper. The businesses can redeem the scrip for real dollars at City Hall; Some merchants said they’ve been offered three times the face value. “This is one of the ways we keep the money here in the community.  Most cities go to the next level up when they need help — ‘Hello, Governor,’ “But this is all about what we can do for ourselves.”

Cashless humor

Someone broke into my house last night, looking for cash
I woke up and offered to help.

A Nigerian man died alone in his house, the police found 2 billion in cash there
He tried to gave his money away before he died but nobody answered his emails.

My wife always uses credit cards. I recommended she try cash
But I know she’s afraid of change.

Apparently, there’s a country in Europe where the people don’t accept payment in cash, via card or even through a contactless system.
The Cheque Republic.


June 24th Birthdays

1969 – Jennifer Lopez, 1988 – Candice Patton, 1982 – Raven Goodwin, 2001 – Mo’ne Davis

1988 – J. J. Redick,  1996 – Harris Dickinson, 1991 – Max Ehrich


Morning Motivator

Tragedy, misfortune and sadness are inevitable, misery is optional.


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Wooden money stays local