The Drive-in Movie is back

Maybe there is some good coming out of the Covid lockdowns governors have imposed around the country. Businesses in New Jersey and New York are reviving a once-dwindling concept by opening pop-up drive-in movie theaters in their parking lots. “When guests arrive on site, we have a staff member direct them on where to park. That way, they have the ability to roll down the windows and enjoy.” The films are projected onto a 40-foot screen, and the sound is broadcast to the vehicles via FM radio. Meanwhile, the Bel Aire Diner in New York’s Queens borough has erected a 25-foot screen in its parking lot to show classic films and cartoons to an audience of up to 40 vehicles. The diner partnered with pop-up event company Long Island Movie Nights to show films including “Dirty Dancing” and “Grease”, as well as classic cartoons such as “Popeye”.


Big Screen Humor

Harrison Ford is getting so old his next movie is going to be called “Indiana Bones and The Battle with Osteoporosis”.

A black guy at the drive-in told me (a white guy) I wasn’t allowed to watch Black Panther. Apparently, I have to “buy” a “ticket”

In an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, Hollywood remakes footloose for the Muslim and Jewish world.  It’s basically the same movie, just without Bacon.

Have you ever noticed that in the old monster movies that no matter how slow the mummy walks it still always catches the girl?


June 23rd Birthdays

1972 – Selma Blair, 1988 – Chelsie Memmel, 1992 – Bridget Sloan

1911 – David Ogilvy,  1952 – Justice Clarence Thomas, 1845 – George Sax who invented the horn


Morning Motivator

“It’s always too early to quit” – Norman Vincent Peale


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The Drive-in Movie is back