Saving my pig

12-year-old Rosie Wightman lived in a nicer neighborhood in Queensland Australia. Australia has many nice features, but it also has the most poisonous animals in the world and lots of snakes. Rosie has a couple of pet guinea pigs named MaxiBon and Yochi. Guinea Pigs make wonderful pets. They are affectionate with their owners, cuddly, curious and very intelligent. Guinea Pigs make minimal mess and their cages are easy to keep clean.  Guinea Pigs live between four and seven years, and their diet consists of grass, Guinea pig pellets, fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots, spinach and corn. MaxiBon stayed indoors at night, but he was allowed out during the day especially when Rosie is in the backyard. The other day Rosie was in the backyard and realized she had not seen Maxibon for a while. She began looking in his favorite hiding places and was shocked to see Maxi in the jaws of a snake. She started screaming. When that didn’t scare the snake, she grabbed the serpent by the tail and tried to shake Maxi out of the snake’s mouth. That did not work Rosie, crying and screaming, grabbed the snake by the tail and started swinging it around like a lasso. Maxi was just getting a ride as the snake was not letting its meal loose.

“Luke Whitman, Rosie’s father, recalled hearing his daughter “screaming at the top of her lungs” before he found her swinging the snake “like a hammer thrower.” As Rosie yelled and swung the snake in a wide arc it decided the holding Maxi was only making things worse and let go of the Guinea pig. When Rosie saw her pet was rolling across the lawn she let go of the snake which landed in a flower bed.  MaxiBon was uninjured by the snake or the ride Rosie gave him. Rosie scooped him up and ran to the other side of the yard. Dad, Luke Wightman, went outside and then stepped in to help, and together, they threw the snake into a flower bed.  Luke said, “I realized that wasn’t ideal [for the neighbors], and I chased after it and watched it slither away unhurt although a little dizzy.”

Wightman described the snake to “Storyful” as a 7 foot python, but the reptile’s exact species remains unclear. Wightman said “Rosie is doing amazing” following the incident, adding that she was “just super relieved that MaxiBon survived.” MaxiBone was “also doing fine like nothing happened” and was “chilling with his brother Yochi.” Rosie’s dad said he was proud of how brave his daughter acted when a snake attacked her pet guinea pig.  He is “proud,” “Rosie had the guts to pick up a snake and save her pet’s life.”

Sneaky snakes

I never understood why people are so scared of snakes,
They’re completely unarmed. 

Fortunately, the California earthquakes were a bit out in the desert so not many people got hurt.
but a few snakes were rattled.

I used to be jealous of Harry Potter for being able to talk to snakes.
But it turns out I’ve been doing it for years.

Why should you never throw a snake like a boomerang?
Because it’ll come back to bite you.

February 8th Birthdays

1995 – Molly Burke, 1990 – Danni Harmer, 1997 – Kathryn Newton,  1985 – Cecily Strong

1975 – Seth Green,  1828 – Jules Verne, 1932 – John Williams, 1955 – John Grisham

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