Dandan, a cat mama in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, got a phone call at work from the property management staff in her apartment compound, saying her home was on fire. She rushed back to her flat and realized a fire had burned the entire first floor of her loft, damage of about $14,000. Firefighters found her golden British Shorthair cat hiding in a cabinet upstairs, covered in ash but not injured. The cat named “Jingoudiao” was allegedly simply playing in the kitchen, and stepped on the induction cooker’s touch panel, turning it on. After the incident, the cat’s owner changed its Douyin account name to: ”Sichuan’s most badass cat,” and made the pet appear on live-streaming sessions to ”compensate’ for the fire.” She joked that she was making her cat ”work to pay off his debt” by appearing in live-streaming sessions, and even put a label on him saying ”arsonist.” A few days later, Dandan posted a letter of apology online, signed with her fingerprint and Jingoudiao’s paw print. She admitted that it was her fault as he forgot to switch off the power to the cooker and vowed to pay attention to fire safety in future.

Cat-egon-ical Stress

Galena was a tidy indoor cat, so the Utah family usually knows where she is. Imagine their surprise, then, when Galena vanished into thin air on April 10th. Had the call of the great outdoors gotten too loud for her to resist? They plastered “Missing Cat” posters all over the place. Yet, despite a week’s efforts, the family found no trace of their dear cat. The uncertainty of what had happened to her began to take a toll on their nerves. “Galena is a huge emotional support to me has helped me get through many health challenges over the past six years,” said Carrie Clark. “The anxiety and stress of not knowing what happened to her was excruciating.” she added.

Shortly before her disappearance, the Clarks had purchased boots from Amazon on a “try before you buy” deal. Not all the footwear fit their intended wearers, so the Clarks shipped them back in an oversized box. Galena, however, fit perfectly well into the box of boots. Galena fit so well that the Clarks didn’t realize she was in there when they taped the box shut and sent it back to Amazon. For the next seven days, she moved across every step of the Amazon network. You have to hand it to Amazon staff, they handled the box with care. A staff member at the facility, named in media only as Brandy, realized Galena was in the box. Brandy looked after the thirsty and hungry kitty before dropping her off at a vet the following day.

Galena was microchipped her. The vet was able to recover the Clarks’ contact into and gave them a call. “I didn’t believe her at first and thought it was a prank,” admitted Carrie. She even put the Clarks in touch with Brandy and the entire strange story unfolded. As soon as the Clarks walked into the LA vet’s office, Galena recognized their voice and turned into a purring little furball. “It was an amazing reunion! Galena instantly stopped shaking and relaxed in my arms when I got to hold her again,” recalled Clark. She was skinnier than before and a bit dehydrated, but otherwise, Galena came out of her adventure no worse for wear. Thanks Amazon.

Cats trouble

What’s a cat’s favorite way to gamble?

What will a cat say when it gets stuck in a box?

I just gave my cat some 7UP.
Now he’s got 16 lives.

My wife asked me if I’d seen the cat bowl…
I said I didn’t know he could.

May 2nd Birthdays

1956 – Lesley Gore, 1962 – Elizabeth Berridge, 1945 – Bianca Jagger, 1991 – Kay Panabaker

1947 – Jame Dyson, 1975 – David Beckham, 1948 – Larry Gatlin, 1972 – Dwayne Johnson

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