California town for sale: $71 per square foot

In one of the most interesting real estate listings to hit the MLS this year, a historic California town is currently for sale for $6.6 million. The town of Campo in San Diego County has around 150 residents. The sale includes 21 residential buildings, spanning 28 residential units, and seven commercial buildings, including a post office, lumber yard and thrift store. Since the early 2000s, the entire town, located around a mile from the Mexico border and an hour east of San Diego, has been owned by one man: Las Vegas investor John Ray. The town is on the market again this week, and residents are hopeful a wealthy buyer comes in and improves the community. Real estate agent Joseph Barela suggested, “They’re crossing their fingers for a good owner, somebody who wants to invest into their community,” Barela said. “They would like somebody to come in and possibly add in a gym, a daycare. It’s a very family-oriented community.”

The Campo Valley region has a history of non-Native American settlement dating back to the 1860s, but almost every structure in town today was built during World War II. Camp Lockett, as it was then called, was home to the primarily Black cavalries of the U.S. Army known as Buffalo Soldiers. The infantry was stationed there to guard the southern border from invasion, and the camp also housed Italian prisoners of war. Campo, located about an hour from San Diego and only about a mile away from the Mexican border, is selling for $6.6 million, Barela said. This includes 16 acres of land and 92,000 square feet of building property, equating to approximately $71 per square foot. Campo has a few streets and a bunch of commercial buildings but in need of some repair.  “It’s in decent condition,” Barela said. “It’s not class A or anything like that, but it is livable.” The town sees an average high temperature of over 90 degrees in summer months and is accessible via State Route 94. “Border Patrol rents a commercial building there. I have got six other commercial tenants as well. There are 28 residential units spread out across 21 residential buildings,” said Barela. Top Gun Commercial Real Estate, is now looking for a buyer with a “heart and a vision” to help revitalize the town. 

The local folks echo the owner’s desire to see the town rejuvenated while preserving its essence. “It’s pretty nice. It’s a lot quieter than in town,” said Michael Hoffner, a resident of Campo. “You don’t get the hustle and bustle. You get to sleep peacefully, and you get to see the stars out here.” “Love it down here, the surroundings and the wildlife,” added Tony Martinez, another local.

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My realtor sold me a two story house.
One story before the sale and one story after.

I just got a great deal on some real estate in California.
It was a fire sale!

I saw a homeless man pushing a grocery trolley filled with big cardboard boxes down the street. Walking up to him, I asked, “Are you homeless?”

The man looked at me and with a wave of his hand over the boxes said “Can’t you see? I’m a real estate agent!”

What do you call 3 Mexican guys walking through your property?
Tres passing.

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