Achin’ for Bacon

If you are one of the millions of Americans that has a lust for real bacon even though you know it has downsides here are some ideas for you. It does not eliminate the cooking, degreasing or cleaning, but if you really love the taste, you can get as much as you can stand with just the crispness you like it. A self-proclaimed social media chef known as @Twisted on TikTok is being roasted crispy, after demonstrating how to cook bacon with a curling iron in a now-viral video. “You know that thing you’ve been using as a hair curler all these years?” It’s actually a great way to cook bacon.” The social media “Snack-McGyver” demonstrates how to cook bacon by wrapping the strips around a sizzling curling iron. He even declares this jailhouse-like cooking technique will be a “game changer” for home cooks stuck without a pan or an oven. It might look possible, but make sure the curling iron is completely free of hair product residue first for better flavor.

Or try the Bacon Express by Sharper image

For serious bacon-lovers there’s a new grilling gadget on the scene. It’s called the Nostalgia Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill and it’s changing the breakfast game. It cooks both sides of six slices of bacon at a time. The bacon hangs over the grill so the grease drips into a container at the bottom./i

A waffle iron is not just for cooking waffles; you can also cook bacon perfectly on it. Bacon gets cooked evenly on the iron and the leftover grease drips away from the strips, making for crispy bacon without the mess. Be ready to capture the hot grease as it fill the grooves around the griddle. It may take a few practice cookings to get the timing and settings right for a minimum of cleanup.

If you can’t be bothered cooking your bacon in the oven, frying pan or waffle iron then the next best thing is a microwave. You can even get a microwave bacon tray to cook a dozen or more slices at the same time using this silicone cooking tool from TEMU. Use a spatter cover to minimize coating the whole microwave cavity.

As long as you have the frying pan hot and the bacon grease in there why not just pour you pancake batter over the bacon in the pan and get a breakfast twofer. Make sure you cook the bacon first before and drain the grease before pouring the batter over individual pieces.

Whichever way you get your bacon fix – bon appétit

Bacon Lust Exposed

An old timer is someone who can remember when bacon, eggs and sunshine were good for us. 

There’s a new invention that is sure to sell a million. What is it?
An alarm clock that emits the odors of frying bacon and hot, fragrant coffee. 

Smoking will kill you… Bacon will kill you
But, smoking bacon will cure it.

What do you call a pig that’s wrong? Mistaken bacon.

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